Skip Tracing Missing Persons – A Well-Trodden Path

Skip tracing missing persons is a path well-trodden by private detectives, and their clients who advance credit. William Shakespeare doubtless had good reason to write in Hamlet ‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be; for loan doth oft lose both itself and friend, and borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry’.

Our own Ned Kelly led the police a merry chase, and no doubt left a few debts behind. He skipped town himself several times but eventually the long arm of the law caught up.

Skip Tracing Missing Persons Down History

Tracking down bad debtors who skipped town has been going on for as long as there was money. And before that too, when people bartered by exchanging crops they grew for protein from someone else who raised an animal.

Defaulting debtors became known as ‘skips’ in more recent times. We can’t say exactly when and where skip tracing missing persons became a profession. It could have been in London in Victorian times, but then again it may not have been.

Methods Our Detectives Use to Track down Defaulting Debtors

missing personsIt’s quite surprising how casually Australians credit-check strangers before they lend them money, or allow them to purchase goods. Our team of expert skip tracers begins with finding out as much as they can about the skip, while memories are still fresh. Likely sources of information include:

  • The person requesting our skip tracing missing persons service
  • The landlord on whose property the skip stayed at the time
  • Credit bureau information about their previous addresses

The skip’s persona emerges as we begin to understand the personality and the path they followed in life. Then it is time to step outside into their world and find them. However we don’t go knocking on doors.

For if we did, we could give away the game and a lead could tip them off. Instead, we follow their path through social media. Every skip eventually makes a mistake, especially when time passes and they believe they have got away scot free.

They Seldom Get Away When We Are on Their Trail

AusCovert Investigations assembled a team of Australia’s seasoned private detectives. It took several years but now we have a group that others envy. Call 1800 553 788 to tap into this knowledge pool. Or write to us for fast efficient service now.

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