Sydney Private Investigator Tips for Finding a Missing Person In Australia

How to find a Missing Person In Australia? Tips From A Top Rated Private Investigator in Sydney

Some missing persons searches start decades after the parties broke off contact when one of them decides to re-establish the link. This is often in the hope that closure will bring peace.

Typical examples of people wanting to find a missing person in Australia are:

missing persons in australia

1 Divorced father deprived of access to their children when they were teens

2 Kids who walked out of their parent’s homes after a slanging match

3 Divorced spouses, and separated lovers who want to catch up

4 Siblings who quarreled over inheritances from their parents
• Adults who want to thank teachers for their education;

We, licensed private investigator at AusCovert Investigations can think of many more examples. The common denominator is the length of time since the last contact. This can range from several years to several decades meaning the trail has gone completely cold … but has it? Agencies like the Australian government and the media both hold extensive records against peoples’ names, and we may be able to access them.

Government Agencies that Could Help Find a Missing Person in Australia

The Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages is a logical first place to start if the break-in communication has spanned half a lifetime. This is because records remain secret for thirty years to protect personal privacy. While a death notice may be devastating, it at least puts a stop to fruitless searching. The Registry is a state-by-state agency and can only provide information within its remit.
The Australian Electoral Commission’s Electoral Roll is a public document firmly in the public domain as part of the assurance of free and fair elections. Access is via the electoral commissioner for the state of interest, and they have offices in major cities. The Commission is also a state-by-state agency and enquiries must be on that basis. Hence, this is not necessarily an easy way to find a missing person in Australia.

How Other Agencies May Help Find a Person Missing in Australia

Newspapers keep a copy of every publication as a ‘trophy cabinet’. These are usually in the form of microfiche and scans. Although these records are seldom digitally searchable, they may confirm an event recorded in another media against a date. Trove Digitised Newspapers is another valuable source of media records.

The Value Missing Persons in Australia Adds

We have been reconciling missing people with their loved ones and helping clients re-establish contact with people for over 12 years, and have a proud record of success. Our skills, experience and expertise have helped resolve cases far faster than a layperson with the best will in the world could achieve.
If you prefer to stick to what you do best, please visit  or  contact on 1800 553 788 for a preliminary consultation. We won’t charge you for the initial consultation. We could help you find a missing person in Australia quicker than you think.

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