When Did Electronic Bug Sweeping Start?

The Private Investigator Sydney’s Question to You: When Did Electronic Bug Sweeping Start?

The first covert listening device was a wired ‘dictograph’ for a manager to share content with a typist in another room in 1906. However, it did not take long for the Cold War spy-versus-spy game to see the benefits. Military electronic bug sweeping started unobtrusively, but by the time two World Wars were over, bugging was in full swing.

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A Few Notable Cold War Examples

1… The Russians presented a copy of the United States Great Seal to the American Embassy in Moscow in 1946. This hung proudly on the wall of the ambassador’s office until it was found to be bugged in 1952.

2… The Government of Canada and the UK MI5 agency bugged the Soviet embassy in Ottawa in 1956, while it was under construction. The Dutch General Intelligence and Security Agency and the CIA followed up by wiring the Russian embassy in The Hague in 1958.

3 … The Russian KGB must have known a thing or two about bug sweeping by 1964, when they bugged the West German embassy in Moscow. However, perhaps their greatest success was when they bugged the new U.S. embassy in Moscow during construction in the 1970’s.

Electronic bug sweeping started in earnest, when the Americans discovered Russian labourers had riddled the building with countless bugs. The United States eventually tore the building down and constructed a new one using its own labour. In the interim, embassy staff communicated using children’s “Mystic Writing Tablets”.

What Chance Does My Business Have Against This?

Your business has a great chance of detecting bugs using established and proven surveillance counter measures. Bugs and bug sweeping methods developed by government security agencies have made their way to commercial markets, where the best ones may only be available to companies able to prove their bona fides.

Our skilled operators use only the best bug sweeping kits.

AusCovert Investigations made a conscious decision to use only the best equipment when we started our electronic bug sweeping division many years ago. We are definitely ahead of the pack when conducting our bug sweeping surveillance on residential homes, motor vehicles, workplace buildings and factories.

We also assess and sanitize electronic devices, including network cables, telephone lines, mobile phones, modems, and computer equipment.

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