Where Can I Take a Lie Detector Test


Where Can I Take a Lie Detector Test? A polygraph test relies on the association between mind and body and the emotions that accompany lying to help determine the truth of what people say. The logic behind a lie detector test is that people will be calmer when they are being honest, and more stressed when they are not. Thus, a polygraph measures changes in blood pressure, pulse, breathing, and rate of perspiration during an interview.

Where Can I Get a Polygraph Test?

corporate polygraph-testLie detector testing will never be an exact science, until we can measure emotions in other ways to correlate what it tells us. Its role is therefore to help confirm what other evidence suggests. Thus, polygraph testing may generally only take place with the subject’s express consent, although there are exceptions.

Security companies and some financial institutions have special concessions during job interviews / investigations, although a polygraph test must still be fair. It should also be administered by a compete person with certified training on the equipment. Not all private investigators meet this standard. Private Investigators Sydney at AusCovert Investigations, we have detectives who do.

They also administer tests to help resolve differences on a personal level, where individuals feel they are facing unjustified accusations. It may otherwise be difficult for them to prove they have been faithful to their spouse, have not been drug taking, and remained true to a promise.

When to Take a Lie Detector Test in the Work Place

Employees may volunteer to take a lie detector test at a job interview to help prove their claims of work experience, or to free themselves from suspicion during a work-place fraud or theft investigation.  Employers know a polygraph test can be a valuable tool to help assess what employees say about each other in disciplinary hearings, and work cover fraud investigations.

We use polygraph testing with success when investigating employee theft or fraud by eliminating suspects. Our lie detector testing is always voluntary. We recommend a union representative or other adviser is present throughout the process.

How AusCovert Investigations Would Like to Help

Are you an employer, a parent, or a spouse desperate to know whether someone is lying or not. You may have a child on drugs, and want to come closer to the truth with a polygraph test. Perhaps someone has accused you at work of abusing someone. Speak to AusCovert Investigations now, or call 1800 553 788 right away.

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  1. Hi there. My partner needs a polygraph test to be conducted in Townsville QLD and we want to know how to go about arranging this, please.

    He name is Joanne Lee and her phone number is 0458719978

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