Why Should I Ask A Private Detective To Conduct An Insurance Claim Investigation?

There are many reasons to use private detectives to investigate insurance claims. It seems to be primarily an insurance company issue, but in practice, there are also a few individuals who want to know how the accident occurred.

In today’s article, we’ll look at which cases and why it is common to ask a private detective to investigate an insurance claim.

What is an insurance fraud investigation?

private-detective-agency for personal injury investigationsInsurance fraud investigations are conducted to discover whether you have made a false insurance claim or not. Insurance company experts and private detective firms will conduct the investigation. The aim of these investigations, as well as those of law enforcement, is to see what has happened, whether it is lawful, and to whom it is responsible.

Insurance fraud is a global problem estimated to cost billions of dollars a year. It not only hurts insurers, who may incur losses by paying false insurance claims, but also everyone who buys insurance because the rates are recalculated and changed based on those costs.

If the insurance adjuster determines that the case being assessed is suspicious, lacking essential facts, or outright fraudulent, an investigation is initiated into the suspected fraud case.

Why would you hire a private investigator to investigate claims?

If there is a suspicion of fraud or if it is difficult to interpret what happened on the spot, it is necessary to examine the claim with the help of a private detective.

Some of the reasons for hiring an investigator in this field include:

  • Concerns about false claims: There are various types of claim fraud, including those posing as robberies and those posing as car accidents.
  • False or exaggerated injury claims: Investigators need to analyse the event to determine whether it is a genuine injury or a fabrication of the size of the injury suffered in the accident.
  • Collection of life insurance premiums: In order to obtain life insurance premiums, it is common to encounter people who impersonate or incite insurance claims.
  • Investigation of the cause of the accident: To determine the cause of the accident, it is possible to investigate the background of the accident. Similarly, it is possible to check whether the information provided by the affected person is accurate.

In what cases should I hire a private detective to look into the claims?

corporate worker-insurance-investigationsThe need to hire a detective to investigate a claim often arises from the following factors:

when the situation is unclear or it is difficult to explain the cause or the person concerned.

-After the fire, it is necessary to know the reason and/or cause;

-After an accident or robbery in a car or at home, when there are gaps or inconsistencies in the description of events;

-When intensive management of the injured person is necessary to determine who is truly involved in the accident and the degree of injury;

If there is evidence of fraud intended against the insurance company,

These are some of the most common reasons why people hire private detectives to investigate claims.

  • Expert claims investigator
  • If you need to find out what really happened in an accident, how much damage was done, or who was at fault, you may need the help of a private detective.
  • If you need an investigator who specialises in accident investigation,
  • We have a highly capable team and are ready to answer any questions you may have about your claims.


In an accident analysis deployment, investigators collect all the information they think is accurate, locate the scene, interview interventionists and witnesses, consult experts and databases, and seek legal assistance through insurance companies if necessary.

Some insurance fraud investigations investigate suspicious documents and claims. For example, if a doctor and a patient conspire to make it appear that a non-existent medical examination for a non-existent injury was conducted, this is an insurance scam, and a thorough investigation can reveal the truth about what is wrong.

If, as a result of the investigation, it turns out that there was cheating, the insurance company will refuse to pay the insurance claim, and the claimant may face legal action.

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