5 Types of Background Checks When Applying for a Job

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When You Apply for a Job, What’s the Drill with Background Checks?

When you throw your hat in the job ring, bosses might snoop around to background check if you’re the real McCoy for the gig. It’s all about digging into your past to suss out if you’re fair dinkum. Why? ‘Cause if you end up causing trouble, the boss might cop it big time in court.

Playing Fair: The Laws on Background Checks

Now, here’s the skinny on the rules. When bosses sniff around, they gotta treat everyone the same. No picking and choosing based on stuff like race, gender, or what you believe in.

The laws on background checks in NSW Australia are as follows:

  • Pre-employment screening involves checking of suitability, integrity and identity of a person working in NSW Public Service. These checks and their corresponding legal requirements are described in the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act) and the Government Sector Employment Rules 2014 (GSE Rules). The GSE Rules provide for specific types of engagements that an employee can be exposed to like probationary periods, citizenship or residency, educational and other qualifications, fitness, etc.
  • Another legislative requirement that may apply under the NSW Public Service for working with children check or a national police check is considered among other employment roles. Such checks are required by different laws like the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 and the Disability Inclusion Act 2014.
  • Before making a formal offer, pre-employment screening check should be done, except in case where it is not possible. In such a scenario, an offer could be made subject to satisfactory screening tests. Nonetheless, the person should not work until the clearance process is finalized. The candidate will have to give their consent for any screen checks to be carried out and must be notified that his/her employment depends on the outcome.
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  • The pre-employment screening checks should be commensurate with the risks posed by the position and the organizational environment. Employers must evaluate what is needed in the particular role and select the appropriate screen to control dangers. The Independent Commission Against Corruption, NSW Public Sector Employment Screening Guide.
  • As mentioned above, some employers may require a statutory declaration, medical check or declaration as part of the pre-employment screening process. A statutory declaration which affirms that what has been stated by the candidate is true and is signed before a witness. To this end, a medical check or declaration is performed on the candidate, whereby his healthy status and fitness for the part are ascertained.

5 Background Checks a Boss Might Spring on You:

1. Ref Checks

Employers often give a bell to your past bosses to check if what’s on your CV stacks up. For instance, they might suss out when you clocked on at your last job.

2. Drug Dab

Certain gigs might call for a drug swab, especially those tied to wheels or flying high. In Australia, there’s no big thumbs-up or thumbs-down on drug checks. But, if you get a doctor’s note for meds, no one can put you through the wringer for a test just ’cause you belong to a group, mate. After a job offer lands, some employers might give you the flick to a lab, and you won’t have to fork out the cash for the test.

3. Scoping You Online

Bosses can snoop around your socials in the open to see what’s the goss. But, they can’t ask for your password or any sneaky deets about your account.

4. Criminal Background Check

It’s a no-go zone for employers to grill you about any brushes with the law. They can’t use that info to give you the yay or nay for a job. Although, there are exceptions in jobs like:

employment background check

Armed security guards,

Carnival workers

Childcare workers,

Health workers,

Local government workers,


Private detectives, and

School workers.

5. Credit Crunch

No one’s meant to make decisions based on your credit, mate. Here’s what they can’t do:

Poke around your credit past;

Poke a credit agency for your report;

Snub you ’cause of your credit history; or

Give you the cold shoulder ’cause you went bankrupt.

But, there are times when a boss in Australia can run a credit check if:

The job lets you handle $2,500 in loot solo;

It’s a top-dog gig;

It’s all hush-hush or top-secret stuff; or

Your credit history is a must-have for the job. Like, if you wanna work at a bank, they can grill you ’bout your credit.

What If You Get the Thumbs Down ‘Cause of a Check?

If It’s a No-Go ‘Cause of Refs, Not Much You Can Do

Got the boot ’cause of dodgy posts? No suing for you, mate.

A positive drug test might not be the boss’s fault. But, they can’t ask for a test ’cause of your race or beliefs. If the drug buzz is ’cause of meds you need, slam ’em with a disability discrimination suit.

They can’t ask ’bout your arrest past, but some might poke ’round your conviction list. To get the boot, your criminal record’s gotta match the job. If the boss plays fast and loose with the rules, sling a complaint to the Labor Department.

Credit can’t be the decider, but if it’s a must, they might snoop around. You got the ammo for a court case if they’re bendin’ the rules.

Can You Give the Heave-Ho to a Check?

Some Ref Checks Are Sweet as a Nut

Snooping ’round your socials is fine, as long as they don’t pry for your password.

You can knock back a drug test if you reckon it’s ’cause of your race or beliefs. Protect your privacy if the test ain’t on point. If it’s about something other than the job, it’s a no-go.

If they’re after your arrest past, you can slam the door. If the private boss has fifteen or more staff, they can’t poke ’round your conviction past. Most private bosses in NSW can’t either. If they got the green light but asked too soon, you can say, “Nah, mate.”

Giving ’em the cold shoulder on credit queries? You got the right to refuse. But if the job demands it, you might need to think twice.

How AusCovert Investigations Helps You Checking Background

AusCovert Investigations is a company that provides background check services in Australia. They help individuals and businesses to verify the identity, history, and credentials of potential employees, partners, tenants, or anyone else they need to know more about. They get their information from online sources like criminal records, educational and work experiences, financials and many more. Moreover, they also have a group of professional and seasoned private detectives whose investigations are carried out discreetly and confidentially on anyone or anything. They guarantee free consultation and prompt solutions to their clients. They claim they provide the most accurate, affordable, and up to date background checks in Australia.

Wrapping Up the Gig: Your Rights in a Job Search.

Right mate, that’s all you need to know about those checks when looking for a work.

A job search is just like having a ripper road map knowing your rights. Don’t be naive, cobber! Be careful with the background snoops.

You can refuse the ref-checks, say no to the ugly and unfair poke on your socials and have the courage to turn down the opportunity and the dream job offer which will come.

Always stay aware, be ready, hold your ground, and soon after, those unfair checks will be kicked out of your store! Legend you were right about the employment search, cheers!


Yes, background checks can be conducted lawfully if they adhere with every specific law and regulations of each region or country. The agreement for consent should be sought from the individual and adhere to the relevant data protection laws.

However, the duration it takes is dependent on the depth of investigations, scope, and information. Automating the process at Emptor, you get a background check in minutes, but not false negatives or homonyms while manual verifications with review by our team of lawyers is less than 24 hours.

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