A Private Detective in Gold Coast Spots People Grooming Kids

A Private Detective in Gold Coast Spots People Grooming Kids

Older people grooming children could be ‘the second oldest profession’ but is still as selfish as it ever was. The internet has widened the reach of those who used to hang around schools. Our private detectives in Gold Coast have a specialist who is an acknowledged expert.

If you don’t have your shields up for your kids, he says, then from my experience they could be open for abuse, but how could you possibly know when you are preoccupied with so many other things. Besides, teens are so secretive nowadays they probably wouldn’t say even if you asked.

Our Gold Coast Private Detective Knows the Secret World of Teens

Teens hang around with their peers because they are going through the same growing pains and share the same interests. They exchange their hopes and secrets there in an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding. Their friends know more about them than their parents could ever guess.

The internet allows abusers to cloak their identity far more effectively than the proverbial trench coat and slouch hat. Our private eye on Gold Coast has a portfolio of assumed identities so cute you might even wish they were your own children.

How Abusers Go About Creating Digital Camouflage

private-investigator-goldcoastCreating a false persona is alarmingly simple and this is how it works:

  • The felon trolls social media looking for a suitable victim
  • They examine exchanges within their peer group to identify their interests
  • They scroll through their photos to see what’s what is cool to them
  • Then they troll through the internet for images that match those interests

The paedophile then builds out their fictitious character from this information. In a sense, they begin to ‘live’ the stolen identity until they intuitively understand how that teen would think. After they find a suitable portfolio of photos, they create social media pages to complete their virtual identity.

This fake persona is often sufficient to convince a gullible teen into accepting an invitation. After all, they live on phones hooked into the internet in ways we adults don’t really understand. Our gold coast child protection agent believes the contact success rate may be as high as 52%.

If the paedophile is unsuccessful this time, then they hunt down another victim using the same false persona. There method is deadly effective. Once they have a teen in their grasp they are ready to close in and destroy their innocence.

Adult to Teen Abuse: The Five Stages of Online Grooming

The Bark Blog suggests it is possible to detect grooming early on, because these people share ideas and communicate with each other.

  • You may notice your child more often on the internet and becoming secretive about the sites they visit
  • They may start switching screens on their phone or computer when you enter the room or move towards them
  • You may find new possessions – especially electronic devices – hidden in their room under clothes
  • If they become more emotional and start using language with sexual undertones you need to act fast.

If this is your situation, may we recommend you speak to a good internet detective on Gold Coast soon? You need to stop this evil stalker soon; we offer honest assistance and advice. Find out which of the following stages the seduction may have reached.

STAGE ONE: Find target and gain trust

The predatory person makes contact to establish if the child is sufficiently vulnerable. They are looking for someone with unfulfilled needs. Therefore, they start by gathering their contact information. Then they probe their family relationships

STAGE 2: Meet these unfulfilled needs

The child abuser moves gently to the next stage. If the parents are uncaring, they fill the gap with support and advice. They may buy them gifts if they really long for something. The process of singling out and separating from the family has begun.

STAGE 3: Gauge the likelihood of parents finding out

Our private detective in Gold Coast specializing in child abuse cases knows the best defense against internet grooming is monitoring their traffic. Predators know this. Their next step, having gained trust is determining the extent of parent control.

STAGE 4: Closing the loop and isolating the child

The paedophile closes in by affirming they have a special bond. They share caring, loving thoughts confirming that relationship. They achieve their goal when their target prefers speaking to them more than their parents. They arrange a first meeting

STAGE 5: Making an intimate relationship the new normal

Talking openly about sex and hugging become commonplace after they meet. They may introduce erotica like being naked together and watching blue movies. We’ll stop at this point. You know what happens next and you must stop it now.

When You Need Confidential Help We Are Here

Put an end to it now by dialing 1800 553 788, the national hot line number for AusCovert Investigations. You don’t have to watch helplessly as your child falls into the net. There are things we can help you do, and we have ready advice on how to cope.

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