How Bug Sweeping Got Its Name and What It Does

Bug Sweeping, or technical counter surveillance as our industry calls it, is the tactics we deploy to prevent people snooping and spying on our clients.

Bug Sweeping by Top Rated Private Investigator in Sydney

There is a wide spread of bugging technology for sale on the internet. We use advanced technical countermeasures to detect and disable these.

There are four common ways someone may be spying on you. These are sound recorders, cameras, video recorders, and hacking over the internet. After a criminal acquires the information they need, they may blackmail you, rob you, or a combination of both.

Early computing machines were large and without covers because they generated a great deal of heat. They also took a long time to do anything. Therefore their operators would leave them running while they stepped out for a cigarette. If you are wondering what this has to do with bug sweeping hold that thought for a moment

Why Do We Call a Device a Bug, in Bug Sweeping


bug sweeping in australia

From time-to-time a large insect, a moth perhaps would fly into the forest of flickering lights and short-circuit an electro-mechanical connection on an early computer. Operators would call out when they returned ‘hey we have a bug in the system’. Bug sweeping in those days probably involved a feather duster!

Bugs gradually came to mean any computing problem because this shifted attention away from programming and operating errors. Nowadays a bug means any electronic-based problem.

Hollywood produced a string of spy-versus spy movies in the fifties and sixties as electronic warfare developed. In the minds of scriptwriters listening devices were as small as ladybugs. The public loved the idea of them tucked away behind lapels and in flower pots and so the name bug stuck.

These were easy to find, in the movies at least thanks to detection devices people in white coats waved around. The term bug sweeping suited the American mood because it suggested, to them at least that Russia was a walk in the park.

How We Can Help Get Rid of Bugs in Your Life

Covertly spying on people is a crime in Australia unless (a) you are law enforcement officer, or (b) you announce your intention usually on an information sign. Hiring private investigator at AusCovert Investigations is one of the best solution. They have a team of technical counter surveillance experts.

Call us at 1800 553 788 soon if you suspect someone is spying on you, or worse still trying to hack into your computer network. You could also send a message by following this link. We are here to help.

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