How Much Does Ancestry DNA Cost


How Much Does Ancestry DNA Cost? We are often asked how much does DNA testing cost, and why are more expensive than quick fixes on the internet. The actual cost depends on whether the test is to establish paternity, prove a biological relationship, satisfy an immigration application, or for forensic purposes. These inquiries are serious matters, because the authorities only accept reports from laboratories accredited to leading international authorities.

The Quick Legal Solution from AusCovert Investigations

ancestry dna test australiaWe take care of all the details, from scientific sampling through to sample tracking so we can prove it is your DNA, and not somebody else’s. The courts and immigration authorities will not necessarily accept a courier report as verification, especially as the parcel will have passed through several hubs.

For extra peace of mind, use licensed private detectives for your infidelity, prenatal paternity, twin zygosity, sibling, or ancestry DNA test. When we tell you how much ancestry DNA costs using Aus Covert Investigations that should be all it ever costs you. Because we ensure the sample is traceable throughout its journey, and in our DNA laboratory too so there’s no need for a second test.

We Have the Full Range of DNA Tests Available

That’s right! Once we have your secure sample, we can provide baby gender, non-invasive prenatal paternity, health risk profiling, maternal and paternal lineage, and ancestral origin DNA reports. We meet the requirements for the ISO 17025 quality standard for testing and calibration laboratories. We also ensure paternity tests are accurate by stipulating all sixteen DNA genetic markers.

How Much Does Ancestry DNA Cost Through Us

We don’t quote exact costs here because accurate DNA tests require personalised profiling. Call 1800 553 788 or send us an email asking us to call back. We first need to know your personal requirements and desired degree of certainly. We will not charge you a single dollar for the first half hour on the phone.

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