Private Investigator Australia’s Blog About Missing Persons in Australia: Where’s My Child?

Private Investigator Australia’s Blog About Australian Missing Persons 

Where’s My Child? -A Parent’s Worst Nightmare.

A regular blog of the private investigator in Australia about the missing persons or children. The Sydney Morning Herald ran a good news story the other day regarding a 10-year-old-girl and her brother aged 13 who went missing for two weeks. Thankfully they survived to come back home, as do the vast majority of approximately 20,000 teens and children in Australia who go missing every year. We can usually find a missing person in Australia when we all pull together and we have technology on our side.

Find a Missing Person

The Australian Federal Police national missing persons coordination centre has released a smartphone app that works on iOS 4.0 and later. This makes it easy to upload key details including appearance, height, and close friends to a secure database. Download it before you need it and learn to work it.

The Thread App remembers a teen called Carly Ryan, who met a tragic end. If Carly had the Thread on her smartphone she might have been able to call 000 at the touch of a button, set check-in deadlines with friends and relatives, and send updates to contacts when she felt uncomfortable about something. Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Private Investigator Australia Says, The Need to Share is As Strong As Ever

The theme for the 2016 national persons week is staying connected. Let us be that as families. We can often find a missing person Gold Coast wide faster when family members share anxieties and cares.

The Australian Federal Police maintain a website called Talking Works. It is cute and funky and aimed at young, enquiring minds. Its point of departure is going missing is not a crime, and a returning teen will not be punished, or forced to go back home if they feel unsafe. Talking Works has links to the counseling service Kids Helpline, and Reach Out that gives under 25’s answers for tough questions.

The Private Detective Australia says, Don’t Wait for It to Happen. Be Prepared

Missing Persons in Australia suggests counseling older kids and teens along the lines we wrote, and encouraging them to add the apps and links to their smartphones. Every family has its difficulties and we should prepare for them as best we can.

If you need someone to help you find a missing person in Australia we can assist. We, the private investigator in Australia team have operatives in all corners of Queensland with skills to find a missing person. Gold Coast, Coastal Strip, Brisbane, and Inland Areas are all included. Call 1800 553 788 to know more or email us



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